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The name of the deck comes from pulsar. Pulsar is often associated with astronomy and astrophysics.Pulsars are astronomical objects that produce regularly repeating radio waves or other electromagnetic radiation from dense neutron stars located in space. Pulsars are generally seen emitting radiation parallel to their magnetic fields relative to their rotation axes. Therefore, pulsars produce regular bursts of bright light or pulse-shaped radio signals called “pulsars”. Pulsars are an important research topic for astronomers to observe and study. The term “Pulsarity” can be used in a more general context to refer to the property of something to produce pulses or undulations in a regular and repetitive manner. For example, the rhythmic rise and fall of a sound wave or the regular fluctuation of an electrical signal may be called “pulsarity.” 
A-grade card stock and best printing quality, we care every little detail of our playing card deck with sustainable materials to reduce plastic usage (It only use outside of the box to prevent humidity), and a luxurious embossing box so you can feel and handle them just as great as they look! Durable for humidity and enduring uses. The design is made according to the Standard playing Card dimensions and box. 
Cards Dimension: 2.5 Inches x 3.5 Inches (6.4 cm x 8.9 cm)
Box Dimension: 2.6 Inches x 3.6 Inches ( 6.6 cm x 9.1 cm ) 
Deal your next hand with playing cards with a stylish three-dimensional Cyberpunk theme! Original, hand-modeled artworks depicting astronomy, astrophysics, grunge graphic style, abstract forms, high technology features, bold and vibrant colors; and dark futuristic characters. We keep them all in a collectible box with shiny foil accents. The box itself has embossed glossy details.  Every main character (13 characters (such as Jack, Queen, King and Joker)) is designed in 3D with translucent material. In this design, there are also some retrofuturistic cultural details to represent technological developments as well. Every card is designed uniquely like artwork. The Pulsarity playing card deck by Lunart Design was designed in almost one year due to the details of characters .
Step by step "how to play?" Turn your game nights into fun together, covering 5 classics (Blitz/Crazy 8, Bridge, Poker, Dirty Blackjack, Rummy) and fun card games with texts. The QR code in the box will direct you to our E-Book! Bring your family and friends together for an unforgettable game night with fun card games that both adults and kids can enjoy!
Boasting a unique playing game card deck experience with our uniquely designed playing game card deck. Perfect for collectors and players as well, it's not just a game. This is also a personal taste of design perspective, a fusion of innovation and quality. Elevate your gameplay, dazzle with strategic moves, and make it a stylish addition to any collection. Make someone precious to you happy!
Albedo & Height & Roughness Texture Map for Render on Blender

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