The jolly tarot deck is a complete deck of 78 cards in the traditional tarot format. This deck for is perfect choise for beginners and advanced tarot readers.The jolly tarot deck is a deck of vector illustrations with silver details. This unique, sophisticated and limited edition deck is designed to guide you through the section of life. This special design should definitely be in your collection before it runs out.

Lunart is an independent studio and creative community.We specialize in limited collections of handmade decks and decks accessories. We are the local crafts-people,imaginer, designer and artist to create unique design that complement with the our personal design perspective perfectly.

This deck consists of 5 different color series and transitions are provided between the series. These transitions represent the transition between the periods of life.
Just as the artist Edouart Manet said,“Color is a work of pleasure and emotion”.
We, as an artist and designer, have created this deck while choosing the colors, wishing it to bring happiness and luck in your life.

Deck Features
-It has silver leaf details on the sides of the deck
On the front, designs created with pastel colors await you.
-Card size 64mm (2.5 inches) horizontally 110mm (4.3 inches)
It is designed to fit in the palm of your hand.
-The cards are printed brightly on 350 gr art paper.
-Deck consists of 22 major, 56 major cards

What awaits you in this unique box?
1 – 78 specially designed cards
2 – Guidebook to pioneer you in using your tarot cards (optional)
3 – Natural crystal stone gift that will increase your energy (with the card explaining the meaning of the stone to you)
Major Arcana
Mınor Arcana
The Backside of Jolly Tarot Deck Cards



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